How to Clean Out Your Parent’s House (Without Filling Up Your Own)

How To Clean Out Your Parent's House

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Going through your parent’s estate is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do.

Whether you’re grieving a parent who recently passed away, or helping your increasingly frail parent liquidate their estate so they can move to a more appropriate environment (i.e. assisted living), you face the possibility of bringing roomfuls of your parent’s belongings and family heirlooms into your own home. Where will you put these things? On the other hand, how can you bear to get rid of them?
The conflict created by those two questions lies at the heart of How to Clean Out Your Parents’ House (Without Filling Up Your Own). This book will help you honor your parent without keeping everything they owned.
Author Claire Middleton spells out the estate dispersal process for you, step by step, in this book. You’ll learn:

  • 14 methods for fairly dividing estates between family members
  • what to keep for yourself
  • how to organize the dispersal process (whether you’re sole heir or one of many)
  • secrets for sorting through the estate efficiently
  • tips for determining the best destinations for valuables

As for those items that no one wants, find out how to move them along in a way that’s respectful to your parent (or their memory).
Claire wants to help you avoid the mistake so many people make by moving all of their parent’s belongings into their own attics, basements, closets and drawers, only to trip over them and work around them for years. Some never disperse their parent’s estate, leaving it all for their own family to face after they die.
Surely you don’t want to do that to your children! Use this book to go through your parent’s estate promptly and efficiently so that their treasured possessions get good homes and their least important belongings don’t end up in your home.

How to Clean Out Your Parent’s House (Without Filling Up Your Own)
Author: Claire Middleton ● Parker-Elgin Press: 2013
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About the Author

Claire Middleton is a freelance writer who learned how to downsize and declutter after moving three times in four years, going from a 5-bedroom house to a tiny ranch, and selling or donating more than half of her family’s possessions in the process. When she’s not writing, she’s usually in the kitchen or the garden.