Classic Stories for Boys




The Biography of a Moose




Black Bruin

The Biography of a Bear


Two Wildlife Adventures

by Clarence Hawkes

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Classic Stories for Boys,

Shovelhorns—The Biography of a Moose and

Black Bruin—The Biography of a Bear,

Two Wildlife Adventures by Clarence Hawkes


Author: Clarence Hawkes - Editor: Timothy Frank

Cardamom Publishers: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9742181-6-8

LCCN: 2010921733


6” x 9”

310 pages


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Now you can read two of Clarence Hawkes’ wildlife adventures in one book. Readers of all ages will love these stories, but especially boys who enjoy the outdoors and stories that don’t hold back from telling about the life and death struggles that occur in the wild.

Do your sons enjoy reading? Are you having trouble finding something for them to read that really catches their interest and is good for them to read? Here are two wildlife animal stories that will keep them captivated. These aren’t some namby-pamby tales but realistic adventures written by Clarence Hawkes in the early 1900’s; classic stories which boys will enjoy.

Shovelhorns, first published in 1909, is the story of a moose in the harsh woods of New Brunswick, Canada. Relive the life of this moose as he grows from a small calf to a great bull moose. Learn how his mother protects him from a fierce wolf pack. As he matures he experiences his own adventures and battles, including his be­friend­ing by the son of a northern hunting guide, and the inevitable time in his life when he must prove he is deserving of the title “King of the Wilderness.”

Following this story is another exciting adventure. Black Bruin, first published in 1908, is the story of a black bear in northern New York. You’ll be hooked from the start as you read the exciting circumstances of how this bear becomes part of a young farmer’s family. This black bear from the wild desires freedom and his strength and appetite bring him constant conflict. You’ll be enthralled reading the many trials Black Bruin faces as he strives to be “King of the Mountain.”

Clarence Hawkes’ storytelling will keep you turning the pages and wanting to read more of his wildlife adventures from this exciting era.

One more thing, both stories are illustrated by Charles Copeland.

“I home school a 14 year old boy who doesn't like to read much. He is an outdoors sort, so I got him this book. This is a book he has enjoyed reading and you can't beat 2 books for 1 price!”


Homeschooling Mama


    Classic Stories for Boys
Shovelhorns and Black Bruin

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