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See, I Told Me So!

Homeschool Veterans Declare

“You Can Stop Worrying”

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111 pages

     The National Education Association (your local teachers union) wants homeschooling outlawed. Your neighbor thinks you’re crazy for homeschooling your kids. And your cranky Aunt Gertrude predicts your kids are going to turn out uneducated and weird.

     You can ignore such talk…….. but deep down, do you worry?

     See, I Told Me So! Homeschool Veterans Declare “You Can Stop Worrying!” answers the heart cry of anxious homeschoolers everywhere. Homeschool veterans from many walks of life share from their experiences: their challenges, their fears, their trials and triumphs.

     Each contributor, be it the graduated son or the mother who homeschooled him, offers the same assurance: "We could have stopped worrying years ago and you can stop worrying today."

Here’s the great line-up of true stories

by homeschool writers that you’ll find in


See, I Told Me So!

Homeschool Veterans Declare

“You Can Stop Worrying!”:


It’s a Wonderful Life!  ©©© Lillian Jones with Ed Bassett & Ethan Jones Bassett
Freedom—Homeschool Style ©©© Marilyn Rockett
The Proof of the Pudding: Seeing Homeschooling Work
©©© Mary Kenyon
Homeschool Worries from a Wheelchair
©©© Joy Marie Dunlap
Babies Don’t Keep
©©© Lisa Guidry
A Tale of Two Sisters
©©© Yvonna Graham
Coaching Our Own
©©© Linda Linder
What about College?
©©© Karen Mohs
I Hated Homeschool
©©© Rachel Ramey
A Mom’s Sentimental Journey
©©© Vicki Bentley
Focusing on the Journey, Not the Destination
©©© Shelley Mullins
Confessions of a Famous Homeschool Author
©©© Mary Griffith
Why Was I Surprised?
©©© Beverly Krueger
Educating Mom
©©© Barbara Frank

Why You’re Homeschooling: The Kids ©©© Marsha Ransom
For His Glory
©©© Amy Flanegan
About My Homeschooled Graduate…
©©© Bette Bittner
See, I Told Me So!
©©© Tammy Cardwell

A Message from

Barbara Frank

     See, I Told Me So! is an eBook (111 pages) packed with the homeschooling histories of homeschoolers like Marilyn Rockett, Mary Kenyon, Tammy Cardwell…. and me! (Scroll down for the full list of contributors.) Be encouraged by families who have successfully homeschooled despite all sorts of obstacles. Find out what worked for them, and why they’re glad they homeschooled their kids.