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With this 1890 kindergarten story curriculum, you'll enjoy reading the old-time stories in this collection as much as your child will enjoy listening to them. Originally written and assembled by Sara Wiltse, this book combines familiar stories, many from around the world, with little known and forgotten stories that will make this a favorite book.

A convenient week-by-week arrangement is used to span the entire school year. Not only are the stories pleasurable, but they teach about such topics as farm life, plants and animals, and fish and birds. Simple object lessons convey the importance of work and its various forms and how things were made, including how common materials such as paper, fabric and rubber were manufactured.

You’ll also appreciate the depth of knowledge that was instilled in young children in the 19th century, with strong character upheld through stories that extol the values of work, play, education and faith. Virtues such as truth and gratitude are emphasized. Elements of history and science can be found in some of the stories.


This 19th century kindergarten story curriculum has been updated for 21st century users: not a word has been changed, but enlarged text with greater line spacing makes it easier to read aloud to children. Cardamom Publishers has added over 125 vintage illustrations related to the stories to make this a more vivid learning experience for today’s visually oriented children.

This book is organized into one school year of weekly lessons (September-June) for ease of use by home educators as well as classroom teachers.

 Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks, with over 125 Illustrations is the ideal first curriculum for homeschooling parents and teachers of young children who enjoy and appreciate vintage texts.

Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks, With Over 125 Illustrations

Author: Sara E. Wiltse - Editor: Timothy Frank

Cardamom Publishers: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9742181-4-4

LCCN: 2010921733


7.44” x 9.69”

326 pages


To download a free sample story click



To download a free sample story click




“a beautiful new vintage book of short stories for reading aloud to young children”


"With over 125 vintage illustrations to supplement this 1894 text and an emphasis on virtues such as truth and gratitude, Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks (With Over 125 Illustrations) is sure to please your young homeschooler as you snuggle and read about animals, nature, fairy tales, fables, and even how old-timey household objects were made and chores were performed like how to churn butter."


Diane Lockman

Classical method columnist, Practical Homeschooling magazine

“These gentle stores will capture the attention of eager learners and the "talks" suggest ideas for hands on activities…

I can picture little ones nestling on the couch with mom, ears perked and interest enticed by the child friendly nature of this collection. It provides short lessons for every week of the school year from September to June and would make a nice addition to your Kindergarten curricula."

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