How To Read Kindle Books on your PC

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   Just use these easy step-by-step instructions and you’ll be reading Kindle eBooks on your computer in no time:






    Go to At the left – under – “Shop All Departments” – look for “Kindle.” Hold the cursor over the arrow and click on “Free Kindle Apps.”

    This takes you to “Free Kindle Reading Apps.” Click on Windows PC. (Note that this app is also available for the Mac, Blackberry, etc. However, to keep things simple, we’re just looking at Windows PC for now.)




    The installation steps are the same ones that most programs from the Internet use so they’re probably familiar to you, but here they are in case you don’t do this very often:

    Click on the yellow “Download now” button: this will take you to a page with some simple instructions. Follow the instructions listed: mainly click “Run.”. If your download doesn’t start right away, and you’re using Internet Explorer, look for a yellow bar near the top of the screen. Move your cursor to the yellow bar area and right-click: click “Download File” and then click “Run” when the window pops up (you may need to click “Try Again” to get the window to appear.)

    If you’re using a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Google Chrome, you may need to look for a different notification that a download is being attempted. Google Chrome asks you at the bottom of the page: click “Save,” and when the download is complete, click the arrow pointing down. This should open the window showing the “Run” button.

Want to read Amazon Kindle books (especially the many bargain-priced and free books Amazon has) but you aren’t ready to buy a Kindle? Well, you can! Amazon has an “App,” also called a program, that lets you use your computer as the Kindle – and it’s free!

    It’s not a large program so fairly quickly you’ll see the Kindle program starting. To get any eBooks, even free ones, you will need to “Register Kindle for PC”: this is the window that pops up when the program installs. It’s just a matter of typing in your email address and your Amazon account password. You can click “continue without registering” just to get past this screen, but you won’t be able to download any eBooks either. So you might as well do it now and be done with it. Click the “Register” button after typing in your information. (If you chose not to register now, or close this window by accident, you can get back to it by clicking “Tools,” “Options,” “Register” to get back to the register screen.)

  Now you are ready to see how this eBook thing works. There’s probably already a pop-up on the Kindle program, on the right side of the screen, saying; “To get new books, click on “Shop in Kindle Store.”” If you click that button, a window will open taking you directly to the Amazon Kindle Book page. You can also go to the Kindle Book page through normal browsing methods – Amazon is accommodating this way. You’ll find a long list of categories to help you find books. Near the bottom of the “Special Feature” list you’ll find “Free Book Collections.” This will take you to a page describing free books.

Amazon has two types: “Limited-time Promotional Offers” or “Kindle Popular Classics.” Click on “Kindle Popular Classics.” The first book listed will probably be The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – a good choice. But if you don’t want this, and you don’t want to scroll through 19,934 books to find one you do want, then click “Kindle Books” and you’ll get a list of the different categories of free eBooks that’s easier to browse.

But let’s say you do want The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. You can have it for free in about a minute. Click on the title and it will take you to that book’s page. Verify the price – it should say Kindle Price: $0.00. Look to the right and you’ll see “Buy now with 1-Click.” Go ahead and click it. If you’re not signed in – or if you’re not signed in with the same email address as was registered with the Kindle – then click “Sign In” and do what you need to do, i.e. provide the email address and password for your Amazon account.

Amazon will now ask which device to send your purchase to. The drop-down box will probably already say “so-and-so’s Kindle for PC,” so click “Continue.” You’re almost done (there’s more typing done by me explaining this than the amount of clicking you’ll need to do.) Click “Go to Kindle for PC. Now one last window pops up, asking you if you want this website to open a program on your computer. Click “Allow.”

Your Kindle program will now open. Usually the book will appear on the “Home” page. Sometimes you’ll have to click the “Archived Items” tab to see the book; double-click the book and it will be downloaded and then placed on the “Home” page. If you click “cancel” on the above screen, or maybe you aren’t at the computer with your Kindle for PC, you can still purchase the eBook when you want and then download it at a later time. Just click the sync button in your Kindle for PC program (two arrows chasing each other in a circle) and this will start the download.

Now just go to the Home page, click on the book cover to start reading or go back to the Free Popular Classics page and get some more good books. One additional note, when you open the eBook it probably won’t open at the cover, but a few pages in, maybe even after the table of contents. Turn the pages by using the scroll wheel on the mouse, the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard or clicking the left and right arrows on the screen. Have fun!